Saturday, August 24, 2019

Zipper Pouches {Lucy's Garden}

Hi there! I have some cute zipper pouches to share with you today!  When I'm not quilting, I love making zipper pouches.  They make quick projects and best of all, they make perfect gifts! 

I love how vibrant thee fabrics are! The colors are so pretty, they would look amazing in any project! 

I made three zipper pouches in three different sizes! 
 6" x 12"
8" x 12" 
10" x 12" 

If you have never made a zipper pouch, just google it! You will find lots of tutorials! 

I like to do different sizes because I use them for different things! The large size, I like to use when I go on vacation and I pack toiletries in that size.  The medium size is a great size for a makeup bag, and the small size is perfect for your phone/glasses and lip gloss! 

One tip I have for you is that it's always nice to keep lots of zippers on hand! I always have white, cream and black zippers on hand.  That way if I need a quick project for a gift, I don't have to go to the store to pick up a zipper! I used white on all of these, but you could definitely use colored zippers or even metal zippers! 

The other thing I always have on hand is my favorite lightweight interfacing -Pellon SF101.  This is my go-to interfacing when making zipper pouches! This is another thing to keep in your stash so you have everything you need to whip one of these up! 

I love how these one turned out! The small one is my favorite! I think I might have to make another one! 


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