Monday, February 25, 2019

Minky Blanket Tutorial

Hi there! I have an easy tutorial for you today! I am going to share how to make an easy baby blanket today using a cotton front and a minky back.  These blankets make great gifts and the best part is that they are so snuggly because of the minky back! 

If you have ever had reservations about sewing with minky, this is a great little project to start with! It's not overwhelming, and if you follow my tips and tricks, you will definitely wonder why you haven't tried sewing with it before! 

I made a smaller version about 34" square (the pink version) and the grey version is a bit larger around 45" square.  If this is your first project with minky, I recommend starting with the small version. 

This is a great way to use large prints, like this darling llama print from Riley Blake Designs!  They also have their very own minky collection called Dreamy Minky!  For this tutorial I am using the dimple minky, but they also have a solid version, that I used on the boy llama blanket! 
Before we begin you will need to gather your supplies.  This will make a small baby version, it's about 34" square. 

You will need: 

**It is important to note that you do not want to press your minky with a hot iron, you will iron out the dimples.  Use a very low iron if you need to do any pressing. 

Step 1:  Cut your fabric to size.  Cut your top piece to 36" and I cut my bottom piece larger, around 40" square.  I do this because I like to have extra minky on the bottom, we will trim it later once we have it sewn, but it is just easier to have a bigger piece.

Step 2:  Place your fabrics right sides together, remember you have a little extra on the bottom.  Pin around the entire perimeter of your top.  You will pin every 1" -- I know this seems like a ton of pinning, but trust me, it is so important and is worth the extra time to pin!

You can see that I left my selvedge on, we will be doing a large enough seam allowance that it will not show.

Step 3:  Sew around the entire perimeter of your top, using about 1/2" seam allowance.  ***Leave about a 4" space that you do not sew, this is where you will turn your blanket right sides out.

Minky has a lot of stretch to it, it can be a little finicky, but if you pin like crazy, use a walking foot and increase your stitch length, you will have an easier time sewing with it!

Step 4: Trim off excess minky. 

Step 5:  Turn your blanket right side out using the space you left un-sewn.

Step 6:  Pin all the way around your quilt top (yes, again! lol, trust me, your top stitch will come out much nicer if you do this).  Pin about every 2".

Step 7: Stitch all the way around the top, you can use whatever seam allowance you prefer.  I did a 3/8" on this one, and the boy one I did a little larger about 1/2".

That's it! You just made your first minky blanket!  These are so much fun to make and once you get the hang of sewing with minky, you will want to make more! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope it inspires you to try something new! :)

Be sure to follow Riley Blake Designs on Instagram to see more projects made with their cute novelty fabric! 

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  1. yes, you just inspired me. I have 2 yards of minky i have been "holding onto" I think for a daycare blanket this will be perfect for my grandson. Thanks for the step by step :)