Monday, January 28, 2019

Moda LOVEin' Sew Along

Hi there! I wanted to share my blocks I have made for my Modo LOVEin' Sew Along! :)  I have had a lot of messages about my blocks and questions about fabric, so I thought I would share all the info in one place!

First off, I decided to join in this sew along because it is super low key, and I have wanted to make the Moda Love quilt for a long time!

**You can find all the info about the sew along HERE**

I went through my stash and decided to use Corey Yoder's Pepper and Flax fabric.  I love her fabric so much, and I just couldn't wait to use it!

Initially I had four charm packs, but ended up buying two more because I took all the green charms out.  I also have a bit of yardage that I bought for a border and binding.  

The first thing I did was open my charm packs and separate them into prints.  I love the scrappy look, but I like to control my scrappy.  So I decided I had to draw up my block in EQ8, so I could play around with fabric placement.  

I drew up the block and if you want,  you can click on this image and print it off so you can color your block how you want! OR if you have EQ8, I recommend drawing your block and then importing your fabrics so you can play around with placement! 

**To print, right click on the image and hit save image and then print**
Moda Love Block Drawing from EQ8

I love using EQ8 so much, and this feature is probably my favorite.  It is sooo easy to be able to swap out colors and fabrics, to see how your block will look. 

If you have been thinking about buying EQ8 or upgrading your EQ7, now is a great time! I have a coupon code that saves you 20%! 

Use code: EQ8LINDSEY

Here is my first block.  I wanted to do the outer ring in yellows, and do the middle part in grays.  If you only have one charm pack to work with, you will definitely have to go way scrappier than this.  Since I had several to work with, I was able to control my scrappy a little more! 

I also wanted to mention that 1 charm pack = 1 block. 

For my second block, I did the outer ring in mostly grey, and the star in yellow.  I love how it turned out!

After I made this one, I knew I would need to order more fabric to keep the same look I have been going for.  So I have my charm packs ordered, and I plan to whip up my last two blocks next weekend! 

I can't wait to make more blocks! 


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  1. I have this pattern wrapped around a layer cake i have been wanting to make. Your fabrics are sew pretty and cheery! it will make a lovely quilt. Not sure I will get to mine during this time but I enjoy seeing others.